Why does Donald Trump Hate Heroes?

I can think of four possibilities:

  1. Donald Trump is a coward, and brave people make him feel inferior.  But he doesn’t allow himself to express that inferiority by honoring those who are better then he.  Instead, he lashes out.
  2. Donald Trump doesn’t respect people who would risk their own lives for a greater purpose.  He thinks that important people like himself wouldn’t put their own lives at risk, therefore those that do so must not be important.
  3. Military men and women aren’t as purchasable as those Trump is used to dealing with.  It upsets him that he can’t use their greed to control them.
  4. Donald Trump hates the United States of America.  Not American capitalism – he loves that – but he hates equal protection under the law, civil rights, and the ideas of opportunity and justice for all.  His weird praise of dictators should be evidence of what he loves, and it’s not American democracy.